Saturday, September 11, 2010

too astonished to give this a title

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is not a new problem...Natives Americans (some of my ancestors) use to call it WHITE PEOPLE.
so, is what you're saying, everyone go home?... or is it that unchecked migration is okay?... if it's #1, then you're against illegal immigration, and you're for returning the Gaza back to the Israelites... if it's #2, then you're okay with people stealing goods and services from tax payers, without paying taxes, themselves...

if you're for #1, fine, but we "invaders" are taking our industry and agriculture back with us... your "ancestors" were perfectly fine the way they were with their 40 year life-span and 500 warring tribes...

and if you're for #2, you're the reason we pay for billions in healthcare for people who want to be nothing more than parasites... having LEGAL immigrants is what has made America the greatest country in the world; a country where people like you are able to espouse their point of view, no matter how foolish...

so, which is it?... do you want the Jewish people to return to their homes in Israel?... or do you want to send the rest of us into poverty paying for people who don't contribute to the greater good?

and this said on September 11th... a day when people should be patriots... this guy wants to either dissolve the country or destroy it.


  1. Please tell me how to get to the original comments you are posting about. I think my blood pressure is low & sounds like reading it would probably raise my BP.

  2. Janet,
    the original comment was an old architecture professor i had in college... he posted it as his status... flaming liberal professor type... he means well (usually) but he can say stupid things (like this) that raise my BP, too!