Friday, January 21, 2011

Target Conservatives for Gun Imagery

i have heard of hypocracy, but this takes the prize!

Chris Matthews (alleged journalist) of MSNBC (alleged news network) has targeted the conservatives, with emphasis on the Tea Party movement, for using speech and images which incite people to violence... though completly unfounded, he has taken aim at the Right for using gun-related metaphors and images, such as a rifle-scope sight emblem, in their rhetoric... the supposition is, that the constant barrage of imagery and violent words will actually cause violent behavior in those predisposed to violence...

Does it trigger the zealots, the unstable, those who are a bit of both?

the idea here is that imagry from the Right causes violence against the Left... and knowingly doing this is tantamount to the Right pulling the trigger.

so, the corollary to this would be violent, gun-related images from the Left is INTENDED to cause violence against the Right... right?


Chris Matthews... you are a hypocrite of the highest order... either that, or you intend on inciting violence against the Right... either way, you should be fired... sorry, i meant, you should be terminated... damn... i mean you should be discharged... crap, this is harder than it looks... your employment should be ended... how's that?... soft and fuzzy enough?

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