Tuesday, April 26, 2011

unprotected speech

i have beliefs... i must be stupid.

that's what too many people seem to believe... and i am talking primarily about those "tolerant" liberals... apparently, my conservative principals are deemed ignorant and intolerant by those who "know better"... for some reason, their beliefs are superior to mine.

for example, i believe that not everyone who says they are homosexual actually is... according to some, you are born that way... which is fine... i know several people who were gay all of their lives, but only discovered it once they matured... when they "came out" everyone around them said "we know"... also, it can be scientifically proven that there are physical differences between the sexes (surprised, right?) and that there are physical differences in a truly homosexual person and a heterosexual person... besides hormone balances, there are physical differences in the human brain (densities and arrangement of some ganglia) as well as theorized genetic differences where "feminizing" genes in males have stronger influence (and conversely less influence in homosexual females)... so, there is plenty of science which indicate truth in "born gay".

however, there is as much science showing that there are non-physical reasons a person claims to be homosexual... psychology plays an active role in many, where a person behaves as a homosexual due to a variety of reasons; such as, rejection or hostility of a parent, unhealthy sexual experiences (from rejection to rape), or social expectations of peers... many children today are told that if they are confused about sexual issues that they can be homosexual (or bisexual) as a choice... the problem is that children are having huge waves of hormones crash on their systems... on some days they may be more feminine/masculine than on others... how do they accurately determine what they are going to be, sexually, when their hormones level out?... and this may not happen until well into their twenties.

but, despite these facts, on which i base my beliefs, those tolerant liberals say i am intolerant, sexist, bigoted, and/or homophobic.

i recognize that other people hold different beliefs... whether i disagree with them or not is not at issue... if someone espouses tolerance, the first thing they should do is tolerate differing opinions... belief in free speech requires defense of that speech which differs from your own; otherwise, it wouldn't require defending.

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