Monday, November 21, 2011

crazy discount prices!

there are so many things wrong with this, but do you laugh or cry?... here is an abortion clinic giving discount abortions... as if that isn't scary enough, they are giving out $50 coupons... hawking like a used car salesman, they also offer "Free Deep IV Sedation"... in a somewhat creepy fashion, the coupon is good for "Sundays only", as if they are losing their sunday business and need a few more walk-in customers.
Well, I was going to go to church this morning, but I saw this Sunday-Only sale going on at the Abortion Clinic.
makes me wonder what they're going to do for Black Friday!

and can i get an "OMG" for the last line of the 'sale advert'?... "One Coupon Per Patient"... as if someone is coming in every sunday to have one... anyone who wants to use a $50-off abortion coupon should be getting counselling, not an abortion... but anyone using TWO coupons, needs to have their head examined.

i know the "women's choice" people will scream and yell... but what kind of person is getting pregnant so often as to require multiple discounts on abortions?... what does this say about their moral fiber (or lack thereof)?

and what kind of doctor is giving incentives to come in on sundays to get abortions?... if they're going to give a discount, shouldn't it be all week long?... by chosing sundays, are they making a decision based on an anti-religious basis?... or is it because they know the religious zealots will be in church, and maybe they can sneak in a few more clients without having them sullied by anti-abortion propoganda?... perhaps both.

Orlando Women's Clinic - Abortion Clinic, Orlando, Florida. Second-Late Term Abortion Clinic.

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