Wednesday, February 20, 2013

an armed american way of life

"Hunting and shooting are more than just hobbies in south Mississippi. For many, these activities are a way of life, a tradition handed down from fathers to sons, grandfathers to granddaughters. For centuries, the people of Mississippi have lawfully owned firearms, for their personal protection as well as a means of providing for their families. Now the president and his liberal allies are attempting to use a national tragedy to promote their own plan to limit the Second Amendment rights of every American citizen.

I have heard from my constituents and agree with them wholeheartedly: We will not be disarmed by a president bent on creating a society incapable of defending themselves against enemies foreign or domestic."
"The Supreme Court has consistently struck down gun bans including two in the past few years in both the District of Columbia and the City of Chicago. In the opinion written by Justice Scalia, it was noted that when guns are banned, data shows that murder rates increase. This simple fact is just another in the long line of facts ignored by anti-gun advocates. The opinions also noted that the Second Amendment applies to current weapons that are commonly in use. Simply put, when a type of firearm is used commonly, it should be protected by the Second Amendment."

Guns are a way of life, a protected right by Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) in Hattiesburg American

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