Friday, October 8, 2010

did i just pay for your yacht? data
$218,206,202,543 awarded
$85,703,541,778 funds received
750,045 jobs created or saved reported
is anyone doing the math on this?... they have awarded $218 BILLION and made 750 THOUSAND jobs... that is the US Government, your tax dollars, paying $290,924.15 PER PERSON to create or save their job... has this not sunk into your heads yet?... they are actually saying, even admitting, that they are paying an average of a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS to create a single job... and the government, our government, is okay with this!

but... let's take a breath... step back and consider the bigger picture... some of that money goes to create the business which then hires the people... perhaps there's a market which needed capital to tap into, thus the created job provides a useful service, creates a product, and provides long-term employment, thus generating sales tax, income tax, Social Security, etc... you have to spend money to make money... i get that...

or... you could give $50,000 each to 4 million people and call it a day... they'll spend it.

or... you could buy a house (average of $200,000) for each of 1 million people and call it a day... they'll pay taxes on it.

the point is, the "Recovery" is just another way to take money from all of us and give it to some of us... if this were a capitalist system, the people who took a financial risk reaped the benefit (or suffered the loss)... good thing we don't live there! (for humor impared, that's sarcasm!)

just for fun, check out the Gross Domestic Product over the last couple years... call me stupid, but this fiasco has been during a Democrat controlled Congress... prior to that, things were pretty good...
and the manufactured growth appears to be failing, too... but that's just me being an optimist.

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