Wednesday, June 29, 2011

flake vs flake

a rebuttal from Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord to George Stephanopolous's column. John Quincy Adams a Founding Father? Michele Bachmann Says Yes...

by Mark Levin on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 9:51am: "George Stephanopolous: Flake"
George Stephanopolous has revealed his own flakiness and ignorance in his effort to pile on Michele Bachmann.

The fact is that a number of prominent Founders did attempt to end or at least take on the issue of slavery, including Virginia's George Mason, who was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. The inability to end slavery was among the reasons he refused to support the Constitution. While he was a slave-owner, he nonetheless opposed the institution going forward. Mason was no light-weight, either. He had authored the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which later served as the basis for James Madison's draft of the Bill of Rights.

Thomas Jefferson's first draft of the Declaration specifically condemned the treatment of blacks by the Crown as a basis for America declaring its independent from Britain.

Importantly, the final draft of the Declaration that was adopted by all the states contained the crucial recognition of God-given unalienable rights that belonged to all human beings. The phrase was borrowed by Jefferson from philosopher John Locke, who was anti-slave.

By Jeffrey Lord on 6.28.11 @ 1:38PM - The American Spectator: "Levin: Stephanopoulos Is Foolish in Lecturing Bachmann"
"[A] French observer wrote that [James] Madison, "a young man (who)... astonishes…by his eloquence, his wisdom, and his genius, has had the humanity and courage (for such a proposition requires no small share of courage) to propose a general emancipation of the slaves." - James Madison, by biographer, Ralph Ketcham

'Hamilton became a prime mover in the early abolitionist group. He pressured the (New York) state legislature and helped to raise money to buy and free slaves. The society's founders…elected Hamilton chairman to draw up recommendations for "a line of conduct" for any "members who still possessed slaves." He also established a registry for manumitted slaves, listing their names and ages, "to detect attempts to deprive such manumitted persons of their liberty."' - Alexander Hamilton: A Life, by biographer Willard Sterne Randall

personally, i think they're both (George and Michelle) a bit flaky... i want news from my journalists... and i want legislation from congressmen(women)... journalists should know how to research and interview... congressmen should know law and history... it's clear that neither of these people can do their jobs.

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