Monday, June 6, 2011

two words - Chris Lee

Anthony Weiner Admits Sending Racy Pictures, Refuses To Resign

i hear "libs" say Weiner shouldn't resign... that's BS... if it had been a conservative, the same people would lust for his blood!... several have resigned in shame over the years... but, somehow, if you're a liberal, you are not held to the same standard.

one of the arguments is, "conservatives are hypocrites, claiming they run on platforms of family values; while liberals don't claim this, so aren't held to that standard"... so, if i run on a platform of anti-baby-rape, and you don't, then it's by default okay for you to rape babies... that's not just illogical, it's plain stupid.

let's accept the "hypocrisy" argument... does it really make this right?... of course not... one thing that makes this so wrong is it calls to question the man's judgement... can we expect this person to make the right decisions in the legislature when he makes poor decisions in his personal life?

but, this isn't the worst of it... what are the implications of a Congressman making these poor decisions and a foreign entity finds out about it?... and what happens when that entity then blackmails the Congressman for certain favors or access?... for example, if John Edwards had won the Presidency a few years ago, only to have his extra-marital affair to be disovered by a Mexican drug cartel?... would a bill which increased Border Patrol funding ever get past his desk?... can you think of worse scenarios?... i know i can.

the point is simple... it doesn't matter what your political affiliation, your philosophy, or your platform... when you are given power as a representative of the people, what you do in your private life matters.

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