Thursday, August 4, 2011

disappoint mints

Satirical mints poking fun at Obama pulled from UT bookstore » Knoxville News Sentinel
The store previously carried satirical mints aimed at former President George W. Bush when he was in office.
"Let me make very clear, there is no candy exception to the First Amendment," said Glenn Reynolds, who teaches constitutional law at UT. "Free speech is free speech. If you make fun of the president in a mint, it is just as much free speech as it is if you make fun of the president in a political cartoon."

it's okay to make fun of Bush or Palin, though... oh, and ridicule Jesus or other religions (except Islam) all you want... but don't you dare make fun of Obama!

for those of you who haven't lost your sense of humor, the Obama "Disappoint-mints" are sold online at the Unemployed Philosophers Guild... they also sell Empower-mints, Messiah-mints ("Save your breath"), Meshuga-mints, Sarah (Palin) Embarass-mints, and Retire-mints... as well as many other products which will offend someone, somewhere.

GET YOURS NOW! (before some liberal jerk gets offended)... Sarah Palin and George W. Bush products will never get pulled off the shelf, so no rush there.

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