Thursday, November 10, 2016

everyone I don't like is fascist

Is Donald Trump a fascist? Everyone says so. Except no one knows what a "fascist" really is. So, let's compare and contrast Trump and his policies to fascism.

  1. "Trump uses ethnic stereotypes."
    1. Trump calls for an end to illegal immigration on our southern border with Mexico. Many illegal immigrants are criminals. That doesn't mean all Mexicans in the US are illegal immigrants or criminals.
      1. Association Fallacy: Illegal immigrants can be Mexicans. Illegal immigrants can also be criminals. All Mexicans must therefore be criminals.
    2. Trump calls for a cessation in accepting refugees from the Middle East without strict vetting for terrorists. That doesn't mean all middle-easterners are terrorists.
      1. Fallacy of Composition: Terrorists are muslim. Therefore all muslims are terrorists.
    3. Likewise, Trump calls for better policing of Muslims in the US. That doesn't mean all Muslims are terrorists. However, currently, almost all terrorists in the US have been Muslim.
  2. "Make America Great Again" is the same nationalist rallying cry fascists use.
    1. Nationalism does not equal racism. If some nationalist are racist, all nationalist are not therefore racist.
      1. Fallacy of Composition: Fascists are nationalists. Therefore all nationalists are fascists.
    2. Nationalism does not exclude other cultures and peoples. It is a statement of pride and unity, not division.
    3. Nationalism can be used to divide "us versus them", but just because something can be done doesn't mean it will be done.
      1. Appeal to Probability: Nationalists can possibly be Racists. All Nationalists must be Racists.
  3. "He plays on the fears of economic decline."
    1. The economy has declined. Employment is down. Real wages are down. The value of the dollar is down. Federal debt has skyrocketed. These are rational fears.
    2. The economy may not be as bad as Trump makes it sound. But should that be reason to ignore it?
  4. "He has an aggressive foreign policy."
    1. What is the alternative? Not to provide a false-dichotomy, but is the alternative a passive foreign policy?
    2. Has the less aggressive foreign policy of Trump's predecessor been successful? Policies can be judged fairly by their results.
  1. Fascists are anti-individualism.
    1. A fascist's brand of nationalism was to subject the individual to the needs of the state.
    2. Trump is fiercely individualistic. You are only to be nationalist to a government which does not restrict your freedoms.
  2. Fascists restrict businesses for the good of the country.
    1. Trump wants to lift restrictions on businesses for the good of the businesses.
  3. Ownership of land remained with the people, but fascists want to control the use of the land.
    1. Trump wants private ownership of anything.

#specificallyTHIS: Is Donald Trump a fascist?

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