Tuesday, August 3, 2010

does anyone have cojones anymore?

Ed Schultz: Sarah Palin's 'Cojones' Remark About Obama Was 'Sexist' | NewsBusters.org

really, MSNBC?... this is what you find "Sexist"?... yet, you don't have the balls, excuse me, the "courage" to defend her when she was attacked for being female... or when she was "accused" of having breast implants...

excuse me, your hypocrisy is showing...


  1. Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury

    the title is ironically apt... Vanity Fair and Mr. Gross really have come up with a tale told by an idiot that still is "signifying nothing."

    of course, the wit, Mr. Gross, probably thinks he was being artful, perhaps making parallels between Palin and Faulkner's character Benjy from The Sound and the Fury, attempting to mark Sarah as retarded without using the phrase (which would draw the ire of compasionate people)... or perhaps, he thought it would taken as comparasin between Sarah and Faulkner's Caddy... either way, the parallel fails tragically...

    at the very least, Mr. Gross should not hide behind confidential journalistic sources when making the outlandish statements and accusations that are made... anyone who takes this piece as anything other than an lightly veiled attack piece should have their head examined... it's really easy to attack someone, or to make up fictions... but it's another thing altogether to back things up with truth...

  2. original Vanity Fair article:

  3. oh, jumping Jesus.


    so now the term "impotent and limp" (but somehow not "gutless" which was included in the string of adjectives) is now an attack on homosexuals... while i would not be suprised if Palin was not pro-GLBT, those terms were used in the correct, albeit slang, context... and they have nothing to do with sexual identity...

    simply astounding.