Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cornell Hood's Fourth Marijuana Conviction Results In Life Sentence


It is time we stop this insanity. We should stop the war on drugs, legalize and tax marijuana, release all the nonviolent drug offenders. We are spending billions that we have to borrow on jailing people who don't belong to jail. The jailing of this guy alone will cost a couple of million dollars and ruin his life, all because of a failed policy.

Or maybe, drug dealers need to STOP DEALING DRUGS! Maybe, just maybe, once you know that something is illegal, you should avoid doing it. Instead of making something legal just because it is popular, perhaps we should make it clear to the general populace that the REST OF US don't want to compromise OUR PRINCIPLES just because a segment of the population wants to get high and escape reality. Maybe there should be some way of deciding this, like a popular vote. And once the majority make their opinion known, perhaps the MINORITY should SHUT UP and STOP BREAKING THE LAW. We have HAD THIS VOTE. The concensus was "NO". Now, STOP ASKING TO CHANGE THE RULES and STOP BREAKING THE LAW. And if you refuse to live in a Democracy and continue to break the law, YOU GO TO JAIL. And if you do this too many times, WE STOP GIVING SECOND CHANCES!
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