Friday, May 6, 2011

what's so difficult to understand?

Thomas Sowell, a Rose and Milton Friedman senior fellow on public policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and author of “Economic Facts and Fallacies,”

on taxing the rich:
The rich themselves are seldom hurt by that and often when you bring down the tax rate — the start of 1920s, also under Kennedy and Reagan, and then later, George W. Bush — as we bring down the tax rate, they take their money out of the tax shelters, they bring their money home, back home from abroad and you create more jobs.

on government health care:
What they call bringing down the cost of health care is refusing to pay the price of health care. You know, you can always bring down the cost of anything by not paying it, but of course, there are repercussions for that and you see this in countries where the government has taken over health care, you see deterioration.

on taxing oil/energy companies:
When you put huge taxes on electric utility companies... [consumers will pay] higher prices that they pay for everything from food to electricity to gasoline and so forth.

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