Friday, May 13, 2011

Keith Olbermann Defends Michael Moore, Calls Out Ed Schultz (VIDEO)

so... what you're saying is, it's okay to diagree with the "official" point of view, but it's NOT okay to disagree with those who disagree... this is a very A>B arguement... try A=B, and get back with us.

i dislike Olbermann, Moore, and Schultz... but expression of opinion should have equal weight, no matter the source... liberals questioned every move of Bush... so don't be offended when anyone (liberal or conservative) questions Obama... but on the same token, if you support Obama (or Bush), then you deserve to have your point heard...

if Schultz thinks Moore's comments are "intellectual hand-wringing", so be it... Olbermann calling Schultz out is no less (nor more) than Schultz calling out Moore... nor less than Moore calling out Obama... nor less than me calling out Olbermann...

at some point, just shut up and listen to the other's point of view... you don't have to agree with it... just let them say it.

i think the lot of you are blathering fools, but that's just my opinion.

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