Friday, October 21, 2011

fear and lying in Flint Michigan

You know Pat Moynihan said everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but they’re not entitled to their own facts. Let’s look at the facts. In 2008, when Flint had 265 sworn officers on the police force, there were 35 murders and 91 rapes in this city. In 2010, when Flint had only 144 police officers, the murder rate climbed to 65 and rapes — just to pick two categories — climbed to 229.
- Vice President Biden - October 12, 2011 - Flint, Michigan

I was up in Flint, Michigan, last week. Their police department’s cut more than in half. The murder rate, close to triple. The number of rapes have quadrupled. - Vice President Biden - October 18, 2011 - University of Pennsylvania

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports for those years show that the number of reported rapes declined from 103 in 2008 to 92 in 2010, or a nearly 11 percent drop.

just for clarity, in 2009, Flint had 38 murders and 110 rapes... a 7% increase from 2008... and a 16% decrease from 2009 to 2010...

figures don't lie... liars sure do figure.

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FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports - 2008, 2009, and 2010

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