Monday, October 24, 2011

where do i sign up?

Sharia = no interest loans plus polygamy.
Post-Gaddafi Libya will have Sharia Law as the "basic source" of its civil laws, declared interim leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil on Sunday. Already Abdul-Jalil has altered several Libyan laws that did not line up with Sharia, such as banning local banks from charging interest and making it legal to again practice polygamy.
no interest AND multiple wives?... who has been hiding this tidbit of information about Sharia law?... and how do we go about getting this implimented here?

wait... if i don't pay interest on loans, then they charge fees for the priviledge of using their money... banks are going to make money somehow... they're not charity groups, after all (sorry Occupy Wall Street)... so, i'm not saving anything.

well, there's still the polygamy!... then i can have multiple wives inform me when, where, and how i've done something wrong.


Islamic Winter: Tunisian and Libyan 'liberation' leads to Sharia
Mustapha Ajbaili: Libyan NTC chief’s ‘liberation’ speech raises eyebrows

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