Wednesday, December 28, 2011

dangers of IUD's

first-hand account from Abby Johnson, an ex-Director of Planned Parenthood, and her experience with intrauterine devices (IUD)... i wonder why the dangers are never discussed; but i know why... money is more important than people's health.

While working at Planned Parenthood, I decided an IUD would be the best method for me. After 3 years of use, I had no side effects…so I thought. After I had my IUD removed, I realized there might be a problem with my body. I had never had a problem getting pregnant, but several months had now passed, and every pregnancy test came back negative. What was going on? I had some blood work run and was told I didn’t produce several hormones. My body had tried to produce the hormones while the IUD was in…but the IUD won. My body couldn’t compete. I am only pregnant now because of NFP, supplemental hormones and an amazing doctor.

IUDs…the worst choice. - by Abby Johnson

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