Wednesday, December 14, 2011

who believes this?

1) The Federal Government can force you to purchase whatever the hell they want.
2) Tax dollars should be given to unions.
3) Republicans just "kinda sorta do what they're told."
4) The cops acted "stupidly" for detaining a belligerent man.
5) Illegal immigrants didn't commit any crime.
6) "Defense cuts" mean we have to open the border
7) "Leading from behind" is the wave of the future.
8) Israel should go back to indefensible borders.
9) The American people can be deceived with temporary tax cuts while permanent tax hikes are out in place.
10) War is bad, but "kinetic action" is good.
11) Reading a teleprompter brings change to the world.
12) The Government is in charge of your diet.
13) The internet should be regulated.
14) Self-reliance is bad.
15) America's place in the world is deferring to everyone else.
16) Raising taxes on medical equipment lowers healthcare costs.
17) Cutting money from Medicare Advantage somehow means those people can keep their coverage.
18) Local news stations are out to get him, because they're not MSNBC.
19) "God damn America."

And last, but not least...
20) You're a racist.

now, some of this is hyperbole... much of it isn't.

this list is from the AttackWatch facebook page, which is a spoof of the real Attack Watch website set up by the Obama Administration... Attack Watch is made by Obama For America which is Obama's main fundraising group... they also run the express purpose of the real Attack Watch site is to encourage citizens to "report" other citizens who make claims (with or without merit) which are against the Obama adminstration... i seem to recall something like this happened once before... in Germany.

regards to Ernst Röhm.

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