Monday, March 7, 2011

now that's false advertising

i just saw a commercial for Ed Schultz's show on MSNBC... i don't watch much MSNBC, but on occasion i'll admit they have actual news... (not this time; i'm watching some celeb-gossip about Charlie Sheen)... it's a simple ad, showing Ed walking to the studio... a voice-over of Ed talking... he says:
Why can't America seem to find solutions to its problems? Why are we letting the top 2 percent of the population win over the other 98? What happened to common sense? What happened to reason? Is it dead? Hell, no. It's alive, and more than kicking.
despite my seething dislike for the sentiment expressed, i'd rather address the hilarity of the message... an appeal for "common sense" and "reason"?... from Ed "Im-going-to-torch-this-f#$king-place" Schultz?... this is Mr. Yell-At-Callers on his radio show... this is the guy who curses and screams and shouts about crushing anyone who disagrees with him:
We do a TV and we do a radio show. I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON! But you sit back, and Harry [Reid], you are ball-less! You won't do the nuke option for the American people and shove the Republicans into the ditch! SHOVE THOSE BASTARDS RIGHT INTO THE DIRTHOLE! This is about power! It’s about winning! It's about saving American lives! *That's* what this is about! And if I'm too excited or too passionate for you, I'm giving you the finger right now! Because I don't give a damn!
and THIS is the guy calling for "common sense" and "reason?... it is to laugh.
or cry.
but i have come to expect nothing less.

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