Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obama Is Receiving An Award For Transparency


okay... full disclosure on MY part:
this is a Republican document... that doesn't make it false, but sure slants it!... but the Ironic-Award-Award must still go to the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack Obama... even the GOP can't make some of this stuff up! (plus, they give sources, including Associated Press)

  • The Obama Administration Responded To Fewer FOIA Requests, Despite More Inquiries.
  • Obama Even Censored Emails About His Open Government Directive.
  • Obama Has Done Fewer Than Half Of The Small Q&A Sessions That His Predecessors Had Done By This Point In Their Presidencies.
  • Obama’s Prosecutions May Be Having “A Chilling Effect” On Government Whistleblowers.
  • Two Instances Over The Past 2 Weeks: TV News Coverage Was Barred At DSCC And DCCC Fundraisers Addressed By Pres Obama.”
  • In 2009, It Was Reported Obama Awards Top Donors With “VIP Access To The White House.”
  • The Obama Administration Meets With Lobbyists Off The White House Grounds.
  • The Obama Administration Is Pushing Lobbyists To Sign Confidentiality Agreements.
  • "Obama administration officials told a group of housing proponents this month that they must sign a confidentiality agreement to continue participating in talks..."

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