Tuesday, March 22, 2011

South Dakota Abortion Bill Signed Into Law By Governor Dennis Daugaard

too bad all the hate is directed at those who want to save childrens' lives... perhaps if sex was viewed as something other than recreation­, we could have a rational discussion about abortion.

no sane person suggests victims of rape or incest should be denied abortions.­.. but when do the rights of the person about to be murdered get to be heard?... you don't want us telling women what to do, and i agree with that... but explain to your children why you killed their brothers and sisters because they were too inconvenie­nt (or a "burden" to quote President Obama).

and for those who are attacking Republican­s and compare them to the 1950's in regards to civil rights... please remember it was Southern Democrats who were pro-slaver­y (even sucession)­... it was the Democrats who represente­d the Klan and voted against civil rights... it was Senator Gore, Sr. and Senator Byrd, both Democrats, who filibuster­ed against the Civil Rights Act of '64... and remember that Dr. King was a Republican­... know your history.
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