Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 22 Year Old Cop.

first... let me apologize in advance... this is someone else's post and they use profanity... maybe they think it's an article or conjunction or common adjective... i suggest reading it and forgiving the language...

The 22 Year Old Cop.
I’m utterly speechless right now. I don’t know where to start.

Just a couple minutes ago the words of 22 year old cop had been thrown at me for a long ass time. My Mother had called a cop in for some reason. Who knows why I don’t even care anymore. Screw it. I pretty much remember exactly what this dude said.

We sat down. Dude never met me but he understood me 100%. Lectured me just about everything about my life. He told me, “I know you think Highschool is shit. I know you just want to leave the place, but let me tell you. This right here is the best time of your life. You may just want to graduate out of Highschool and go to college but bro. You have no idea how much I envy you. I miss Highschool bro, I miss going through the Hallways and doing that hand shake thing with my friends, I miss doing all that crazy shit, that youth. All you kids just throw it away. If someone had told me that during my Highschool career that it was the best time of my entire life. I would have cherished it that much more. I regret not joking around in class, getting detentions. Man I regret not getting more detentions then I did. I miss screwing around.” He said.

His radio went off. He told me to listen to the radio and the emergency that was being dispersed. It was something about a grandma on the floor with 3 children in the residence. Violence outbreaking in the household etc….  He then told me. “You have no idea how lucky you have it. Look behind you. Your mom brought you a widescreen plasma TV. You have this nice computer. This house.

I’m going to be honest with you bro. When I was around your age. No. Even now. Even I sometimes have tempers. In this world people will piss you off all over. That’s life. People will punk you now. They’ll even punk you later on when you are around 25. You have to become a man. Realize the initiative. Be aggressive with your goals. And one important thing. You have to respect your Mother. Respect her because she’s all you have. Wait do you have a Father?” He asked.

I told him no I had a step-father. Lol. He realized the reality without even asking that I didn’t like my step-father. He continued, “Respect your mother, she’s the only one who will love you this much. Put it like this. Even if my mother were to know you for 10 years. She wouldn’t love you as much as she loves me. That’s bloodline bro. You reflect off your Mother. She’s the only few things you’ll have in this world. Respect her, listen to her, and work hard. You get what I’m saying? Or is this coming out of your other ear?

I told him I was listening. Which I was. My eyes were wide open by that point.

“You see this black uniform? This badge. This gun. This radio. It identifies me as a Cop. Police. Po-po. Whatever you kids call us these days. But I’m going to honest with you man. Sometimes I just want go to my chief and tell him. Hey. I’ll be back when I’m 27. I just want to fullfill my college. Learn. Dorm. Fuck around. Live it up. And I don’t even think you get it. Do get it? It’s like how much you probably miss being 8. Free and careless. It’s like that for me bro. But I’m 22. A cop. You probably think going to college or getting a career is all great and shit after that. Nah bro. Trust me. It gets pretty bullshit. In the real world. You build a reputation. It’s like. People go to my chief and ask him, hey how’s David Ching as an officer. They say, ehhh he’s okay. He knows what to do here and there but he slacks off sometimes. And that’s it. They probably wouldn’t accept me into any other police department. That’s the reputation in the real world that actually effects the outcome of my life. The reputation you receive in middle school, highschool. Shit doesn’t compare to the reality we face now. It’s like comparing a tank to a toy car.”

He made me realize so much. It’s almost like. I hate to say it. Like fate. I fucking needed this talk. Nobody else could put it the way this guy does. And he wasn’t even done.

Listen to me. This is the time. You have to build yourself from here. Join a sport, go to football games, fuck around, get detentions here and there. Just don’t do drugs and if it comes to it. Alcohol. Keep it to a limit. Bro. Fuck it just drink with your friends. Have a good time! Just don’t get busted by the cops. You need to live it up man. I fucking envy you. I’m already 22. I remember it just like yesterday when I walked through the hall ways. With books at my sides. Saying wassup to my friends. Playing water polo. Shit was the highlight of my highschool days. If only. If only someone had told me during that time. That it was the best time. Fuck. You have no idea. I would have cherished milliseconds…

What I’m saying is. No one else is probably going to tell you all that I just did. And nobody else would probably care. People in this world are selfish. Arrogant. Self-absorbed. I remember being just like you when I was as young as you. My partners will probably say, hey why are you spending time talking to that kid Thai Nguyen or whatever. Just clear it and leave and bust some real bad guys. Bro. I just happened sit down right now and tell you all these things. I believe this just had to come out to you. Are you listening? You hearing every word I say? You have to realize it. When it comes to it. It’s not the grades that get you the beloved career. It’s your head bro. Interacting socially, joking around, Highschool is what builds you. You probably thought highschool is shit and you just want to leave. You need to open your eyes. You’re passive. I knew that by the time I walked in.

Respect your Mother. Cherish your years. Realize the initiative. Have fun. Fuck around. I envy you bro. All the Police in the department envy you. We miss our youth. If I could go back. You have no idea. Kids spend too much time on the computer these days. You know what I had to do? Let me tell you. I used to have a facebook. I had to delete my Facebook. Everything on the internet that I used as a personal. You know why? Because apparently sometimes my supervisors and chief have nothing else better to do and search me up online and look into my personal life. I don’t want any of that shit. Bro one day you’ll realize all this shit on the internet. It’s a waste. Don’t spend too much time on it. Go out and do some real shit. Live it up. Cherish that youth. Cherish it better than I did. This is the life.”

He gave me a firm handshake. I told him thank you Sir. I actually meant that shit. I realized so much. My Mother heard everything. She was evesdropping behind the door. The 22 year old cop left.

This is something extremely personal I’d thought I’d share with you guys. Made me realize way too much.

Now. Please unfollow me. I’m not on as much as I was anymore anyway.

and, as usual, the advice which he wouldn't/couldn't hear from his mother had to come from the lips of a stranger... and this 22 year old cop had only begun life... barely out of high school, himself... think of the advice his mother had, if only he'd listen.

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