Wednesday, February 23, 2011

born free... pay for everything else

Obama Health Care Lawsuit Rejected By U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler:
She also said that anyone who objects to having health care for religious reasons can choose to pay the penalty instead – as the lawsuit said all five plaintiffs plan to do.
so, people have to pay the Federal Government to practice their religion... interesting reading of the Constitution, comrade.
Kessler also expressed doubts that they can really determine whether they will never require health care. "Individuals like plaintiffs who allege now that they will refuse medical services in the future may well find their way into the health care market when they face the reality of illness or injury," she wrote.
do they get a refund when they die if they didn't use medical services?... what if they die having paid for their own medical care out of their own pockets?... what part of the Constitution allows Big Brother to think for us?... all this time, i was under the impression this was a free country.

it's not free anymore... you have to pay to breathe the air.

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