Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lawmaker Behind South Dakota's "Justifiable Homicide" Bill Defends Measure, Makes Changes

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Is there a localized outbreak of women having their abdomens beaten by people who want to avoid paying child support? Is it not already a crime in South Dakota to beat on your ex-girlfri­end's abdomen? And is it not yet permissibl­e in South Dakota to defend oneself, with deadly force if necessary, against the threat of immediate harm to your person?
localized outbreak?.­.. no... abusers have done this for years... (surely you're not ignorant of that fact?)

already a crime?... yes, but it's only assault, not attempted murder.

defend oneself w/ deadly force?... if you are not in danger of YOUR life, you can't use deadly force... your (unborn) child doesn't get that right... so, if you kill your abusive husband/bo­yfriend for assaulting you; you still go to jail for a homicide.

was the law badly written?..­. heck yes!... but don't be flippant with other people's lives, please.

Also see Washington Post article/interview.

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