Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tower of babble -or- Rush to judgement

Huffington Post article advocating Rush Limbaugh boycott.

while Rush was insensitive in his continuing to badly portray the Chinese language, i find it mildly amusing (and somewhat offensive) that the "Young Turk" is politically correct enough to lambast Rush, but does so in an American accent of a Southern dialect.

Video by "The Young Turks" (whoever that is) on YouTube:

is he portraying Southerners as ignorant and uneducated?... what kind of hypocrit is this guy?... on one hand, he decries the use of mocking accents of Chinese people... but on the other, he mocks the accents of Americans... apparently, it's okay to stereotype caucasians, but not asians.

who's the bigot now?

and, to the heart of the matter, Rush may have taken the accent mocking too far... but he wasn't putting down the people who had the accent... he was making light of the Chinese translator not doing his job... those of us who don't speak Chinese listened to (what we hear as) gibberish... Rush even goes further to ponder what other cultures hear when we speak English... does it sound as mono-phonetic as other languages sometimes seem to us?... the "Young Turk" calls this childish, equating it to "when you see green, is it green or is it really red"... yet, philosophers consider this question regularly a-la Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

but let's boycott Rush for his insensitivity... too bad there's nothing to boycott of this ignoramous.

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