Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kathy Griffin: 'Glee' Guest Star As Palin-Inspired Character?

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my commentary:
i will be amazed if Griffin can play the part without being a bad caricature­... i'll be more suprised if she can act at all.

the only reason she has taken the part is to smear "Tea-Partiers" and conservatives... and that's the only reason Glee has cast her.

it's a sad statement when a show like Glee, a major theme of which is inclusiveness, decides that divisiveness is the way to get ratings.

i'm suprised that "white precious" comment gets so many laughs; especially here... she's calling Palin an overweight illiterate with a child out of wedlock... yet Glee has taken sympatheti­c stands on two of the three issues on their show... seems to me that Kathy is the antithesis of Glee.

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